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For many years, we have been developing innovative technologies for ordering rides, freight transportation, roadside assistance, as well as shopping and delivery, making our services state-of-the-art, affordable, and safe.

We account for the specific features of both big cities and small towns, providing a unified service that lets our users interact effectively. Clients can order services in the most convenient way. Drivers can complete orders using an optimized search process. We also help them reduce their empty runs and idle time.

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Rapid growth of our service in Iran

In 1397, the Franchise Iran subdivision was launched

Since 1398, we have launched operations in 45 cities

Since 1399, we have launched operations in more than 60 cities

In each city, we step up the competition, work for the benefit of both the people and the economy

We created an industry-specific digital platform where our users can interact directly with each other. Maxim began its operations in Iran back in 1396. We immediately started connecting drivers so that they could use our mobile app to work with orders.

Our innovative approach to business and our desire to satisfy our clients' evolving needs are transforming market for transportation services.

We are proud that our ambition and hard work have produced this system that supports our ongoing operations and provides analytics for agile management of the business.

A specialized contact center processes a large volume of orders that come in round-the-clock by phone and through our website and the Maxim app. It also supports the drivers and couriers who work with orders via the Taxsee Driver app. A professional operator training program was developed based on our specifications.

In 1397, our service was the first in the taxi market to offer franchising to entrepreneurs
We train our partners for free and provide them with full support during the franchise period. We build a business together and constantly expand our network.
Our goal is to become a global brand, giving people the opportunity to use the Maxim service as they travel to different cities and countries.
Best dynamics of development among taxi aggregator franchises

During the first year after the franchise program started, we concluded more than 30 contracts to expand our service in partners' cities.

As of 1399, more than 100 contracts have been signed and paid for.

More than 60 franchisees are operating reliably now, and others are either launching or preparing to launch. This is the best business performance in the Iranian taxi market.

Our statistics show that franchising is in the highest demand in small towns with a population of 10K-100K people, where no federal aggregators are operating. Local companies can't afford to develop expensive software and struggle to maintain a cutting-edge service on their own. Contracting with our service lets entrepreneurs gain a significant market advantage immediately.

People interested in franchising are usually either entrepreneurs with their own taxi companies or people eager to earn passive income by investing in a taxi business run by hired managers. One third of our partners are beginners who are building their businesses from scratch.

On average, it takes three months to launch a franchise, and the payback period is about half a year.

Our partners' income is the commission fee from each completed order. They decide what the fee will be.

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