Start your transportation business as a Maxim service franchise

Quick launch in 30 days*

0% royalties
at the start*
*Please contact our specialist to learn more about royalties and factors affecting launch and payback periods.
~ 1 month
to launch your business*
~ 6 months
payback period

Franchisee advantages

Ready-made, field-proven business model, support from our specialists every step of the way.

Exclusive rights
Nobody except you will be able to open the Maxim service in a selected location.
Free training
Video conferences and a detailed course on taxi business. 60% had no previous experience when they started their businesses.
Software for management
Our cloud-based software allows you to manage your business from a laptop. No need to purchase servers or expensive equipment.
Cutting-edge apps
Our apps for ordering taxi and working as a driver are available on all popular platforms.
Access to our web catalog of ads
Thousands of files with audio, video, printed and online ads. Just select a layout you need, and our designer will adapt it for you free of charge.

Our partners' income is the commission fee from orders

The more successful your service gets, the more orders and the higher income you receive.

More options to make money

Flexible settings of our software for management will help you quickly launch additional rates and increase your income.

  • For women
  • Trucks
  • Many others

Starting your business is easy

Get a consultation and calculate the investments

We'll answer your questions, help you choose a city, and calculate your investments and income free of charge. Our conditions are clear and transparent.

Conclude an agreement

After you sign the agreement, you should pay a lump sum fee. Its amount depends on the population of the city: the lower the population, the lower the required amount.

Complete training and configure rates

Online training, including both theory and practice. A personal coordinator will help you configure the ride price and the commission fee for drivers.

Launch your advertising campaign

Attract drivers first, clients come next. The city of your operations and the phone number for ordering will be displayed on the service's website and in the Maxim app.

Get a business plan on launching the service in 1403
Get a starter package of ready-made advertising layouts worth IRR 50,000,000 as a gift right after you conclude the agreement.

Three main goals of a franchisee

We are glad to get reliable partners who know that it's daily hard work that lies at the heart of every successful and profitable business.

Promote the brand

It's important to make timely corrections to the marketing strategy. Our reports will show you what layouts are more effective and what advertising direction you should focus on.

Monitor the market

Up-to-date information on local taxi services will allow you to successfully develop the service in a competitive environment. For example, you can set the optimal ride price.

Improve the service

You can affect the quality of your services by answering questions about your company and monitoring statistics on order completion. Remote office specialists provide 24/7 user support.

People in over 15 countries enjoy the company's services

You can start your business in your hometown. Get the list of locations that don't yet have Maxim.

cities all over the world
partners make money with us
120 M+
downloads of our app for ordering

Watch interviews with our partners

Interview with Mohammad Nasirighalehbin, Maxim franchisee
Interview with Afzali Seyedmohammad, Maxim franchisee
Interview with Yaser Ahmadzadeh, Maxim franchisee

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the city's population. We calculate investments and income for each partner individually. Submit your inquiry to learn an approximate amount.
About a month. During this time, our partner completes training and prepares for the launch: they configure the prices, draw the city map and looks for advertisement placement sites. Our company's specialists provide support during these stages.
Not at all. Thanks to our detailed training program, even newcomers can start their business. According to statistics, 60% of our partners started their first business with us, while 80% haven't previously worked in a taxi-related business.
Advertising at the national level is paid for by the main office of the service. This includes internet advertising, website promotion, and the development of layouts for the catalog. Advertising in the city is paid for by the partner — this is the main business investment.
There can only be one partner. Exclusive territory rights is a key condition of our franchise.
Under the terms of the franchise, you have to start with one city. When your business starts to make profit, you can purchase a franchise again and open the service in another city.
It’s a great opportunity to develop your business in your hometown without making large investments, to make money with a nationwide brand's support, and to provide people with high-quality and affordable service.
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